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Battle 1 

Listening and Reading (American)

Part 2

Весь материал взят из учебника American English File Starter

11  It’s an easy exercise. 

I live in an old house.

She’s an American actress.

She has an expensive apartment.

It’s a nice evening.

I have a black and white cat.

12  - Welcome to City Coffee.

- Hi, a coffee and a chocolate brownie, please.

- What kind of coffee? Espresso, Americano, cappuccino, or latte?

- A cappuccino, please.

- Regular or large?

- Regular. How much is it?

- Six dollars and twenty cents, please.

- Here you are.

- Thanks. Here’s your change.

13  - What kind of coffee is that?

- This is a large latte.

- How much is it?

- It’s $4.25.


- What kind of coffee is that?

- This is a regular latte.

- How much is it?

- It’s $2.75.


- What kind of coffee is that?

- It’s a regular coffee.

- How much is it?

- It’s $2.25.


- What kind of coffee is that?

- It’s a large cappuccino.

- How much is it?

- It’s $4.50.

14  He’s Hugh Grant's brother.

She’s Naomi Campbell's mother.

He’s J.K. Rowling's husband.

She's Antonio Banderas's ex-wife,

He's Will Smith’s father.

She’s Kate Winslet’s sister.

15  - Hey, Jeremy. How’s your new car?

- It’s great. It’s big, black, and fast.

- Is it expensive?

- No, it isn’t. It’s an old car.


- This is a picture of Jessica’s new boyfriend.

- Wow! He’s very tall.

- Yes. And he’s very good-looking.

- Is he American?

- No, he isn’t. He’s Italian.


- Is that your son?

- Yes, it is.

- Wow, he’s great.

- Thanks. He’s small, but he’s fast.

16  - Look. They’re great.
- Yes, they are. But, uh, what are they?
- They’re gloves.
- Oh, OK. Yes, they are great!

- Excuse me, ma’am. What’s in your bag?
- Excuse me? My bag?
- Yes. Open your bag, please.
- OK. A laptop, a phone, a wallet, and pens.
- Thank you.

- Hi, Robert. Happy birthday!
- Is it for me? Thanks! What is it?
- Sit down and open it.
- A watch! Thanks. It’s great!

17  - Excuse me, miss! Is this your bag?
- Oh! Yes, it is! Thank you.

- Good afternoon.
- Hello. We’re Paul Jones and Martin Smith. We have reservations.
- Let’s see ... Yes. Rooms 625 and 626. Here are your keys.
- Thank you.
- Thanks!

- What’s that music?
- Sorry, it’s my cell phone. Oh, hi, Andy.

- Excuse me, what’s this word?
- Look in the dictionary.

- How much is it?
- Twenty dollars.
- Is a credit card OK?
- Yes, of course.

18  - What’s this?
- It’s a postcard.

- Are these sunglasses?
- Yes, they are.

- Is that a toy?
- No, it isn’t. It’s a hat.

- What are those?
- They’re gloves.

19  - Excuse me. What is this? Is it a toy?
- No, it isn’t. It’s a keychain.
- Oh, OK. It’s cute!

- Is that for sale?
- The hat? Yes, that’s twenty dollars.
- Is it from Mexico?
- Yes, it’s a Mexican hat.

- Excuse me. What are those?
- They’re gloves.
- Oh, they’re cute! And is that a hat?
- Yes, it is.
- Are these sunglasses?
- Yes, they are. They’re fifteen dollars.
- Oh! That’s a lot. I’m sorry. Bye.

- Excuse me, miss! Is this your bag?
- Oh, yes, it is. Thanks!
- You’re welcome. So, how about ten dollars for the sunglasses?
- Really? OK!

- Are those sunglasses?
- Those? Yes, they’re sunglasses. They’re two dollars.
- Two dollars? Are they good?
- They aren’t good, but they’re OK.

- Are these maps of the city?
- Yes. They’re ten dollars.
- Ten dollars! That’s a lot!
- They’re great maps.

20  - That’s a cute picture. Is she your daughter?
- No, she isn’t. She’s my sister’s daughter.
- Oh. How old is she?
- She’s five, and her name is Peggy.

- Hi, Tom. Who’s the woman in the picture?
- That’s Elizabeth. She’s in my English class.
- She’s very good-looking. Is she your girlfriend?
- Yes, she is.
- Lucky you!

- Where’s my cell phone?
- It’s there - on the chair.
- No, that isn’t my phone. It’s my sister’s.
- Oh. Is it in your bag?
- Yes, it is.

- Look. That’s Mia’s car.
- Is that her husband?
- Yeah. His name’s Eric.
- Eric Lee?
- No, that’s Mia’s last name. His last name is Cho.


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