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Battle 1 

Listening and Reading (American)

Part 5

Весь материал взят из учебника American English File Starter

41  - What’s the date today?
- It’s May fourth.
- Really? I think it’s May fifth.


- When’s your birthday?
- July twentieth.

42  - When’s your birthday?
- My birthday is February 8th.
- What do you usually do on your birthday?
- I usually have dinner with my friends and eat cake.


- When’s your birthday?
- It is November 13th.
- What do you usually do on your birthday?
- Normally I have a small party, have some cake, open some presents.


- When’s your birthday?
- August 9th.
- What do you usually do on your birthday?
- I usually spend time with my friends, or have dinner, see my family.


- When’s your birthday?
- My birthday is on 21 of March, 1990.
- What do you usually do on your birthday?
- I usually celebrate my birthday with my friends and family.


- When’s your birthday?
- My birthday is September the 29th.
- What do you usually do on your birthday?
- I usually go for a meal with my family - with my children and my wife.

43   - Tony, what do you have for breakfast?
- I usually have toast and coffee. A typical breakfast. How about you?
- Well, my favorite breakfast food is pizza.
- What? Really?
- Yeah. Cold pizza and coffee. It’s great for breakfast.


- Hi, Lesley. Is that your lunch?
- Yes, it is.
- Wow. A chocolate bar and a soda. That’s a small lunch.
- I know. I’m very busy, so I don’t eat a big lunch.
- Do you eat a big breakfast?
- Yes, I do.
- Oh, that’s good.


- Maritza, what do you have for breakfast?
- I have cereal with a lot of fruit.
- Mmm. I like fruit. Do you have coffee or tea?
- I have orange juice.
- Oh. Do you drink coffee or tea?
- No, I don’t.


- Mmm, pizza! Is that your lunch, Bill?
- Yes, it is. Cheese pizza and a soda.
- Cheese pizza. Do you like pizza with meat?
- Yes, I do.
- Do you eat vegetables?
- Uh, no. I don’t like vegetables.

44  - So, Jessie, your parents are from China. Do you eat Chinese food at home?
- Uh, yes and no. For breakfast, we usually have cereal.
- Cereal?
- Yes, cereal or toast. And coffee, not lea. Not very Chinese, I know!
- What do you have for lunch?
- I have fast food near school - pizza or a hamburger and soda.
- Oh. When do you eat Chinese food?
- For dinner! My mother makes a big Chinese meal.
- Is it spicy?
- Sometimes. We have rice with vegetables and meat. Or fish. My father loves fish. Fish heads are his favorite!
- Wow. So, what’s your favorite meal?
- Dinner, of course!

45  I travel 30 miles to work!

I don’t see my daughters. They’re in bed.

I walk from the station to work.

I have a sandwich in the office.

I usually fall asleep in front of the TV.

I live in Greenwich Village.

He’s from Missouri.

They live in Ottawa.

We went to Connecticut for the weekend.

She was born in Dublin.

We’re studying in Sydney.

I want to go to Manchester.

Do you like Houston?

46  I love talking on the phone.

I like playing computer games.

I don’t like doing housework.

I hate watching soccer.

47 - Here. Look at my phone. There's a lot of great music on it.
- Let me see. Oh, you have The Black Eyed Peas. I like them.
- Yeah, they’re fantastic.
- And who’s Yo Yo Ma? I don’t know him.
- He plays classical music. He’s great.
- Oh. I like Placido Domingo. What do you think of him?
- I really like him.
- Good. And you have Shakira.
- Yeah. But I think she’s awful.
- Really? I love her. Oh wow! You have Katy Perry!
- Yeah. What do you think of her?
- Urn, I can’t stand her.
- Well, I really like her.
- Ha! You like her because she’s cute.

48  - Hello, this is “Pop Music Today.” My guests are Gia and Rob, the singers in a new pop group called Too Cool. Gia and Rob, welcome.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Everyone loves your music. What singers do you like?
- I love Lady Gaga. She’s fantastic.
- Well...
- But Rob doesn’t like her. He thinks she’s terrible.
- Really?
- It’s true. I prefer rock music. I really like U2. They’re fantastic.
- Interesting. Gia, what do you think of U2?
- Um, I don’t like them, actually. But I really like their singer, Bono.
- Yeah, Bono’s great.
- So Rob loves rock music but Gia hates it.
- Oh, no. That isn’t right. I love rock music.
- Yeah, we both love it.
- What about hip hop music?
- It’s fantastic!
- I don’t like it.
- What? Really? But you really like The Black Eyed Peas.
- That’s pop music. It isn’t hip hop.
- Well, I love hip hop and I really like The Black Eyed Peas.
- Great. Gia and Rob, thank you!
- You’re welcome.
- Anytime.
- Next, let’s talk to...

49  - Hey, Chris. Would you like to watch the game with me on Sunday?
- Sorry, I can’t. Sunday is my sister’s party. Would you like to come?
- Yes, I’d love to. Thanks!
- Great. It starts at 2:30.1 can email you the directions.
- OK. Can I bring something? 
- Yes. Bring something to drink.
- No problem.


- Hi, John! I’m glad you came.
- Me too. Here, I brought some soda.
- Great, thanks. Would you like a burger?
- Uh ... no thanks.
- OK. Would you like a hot dog?
- No. thanks.
- Oh. Is there a problem?
- Well, I don’t eat meat.
- Oh, no problem. There’s salad too. Would you like some salad?
- Yes, please!

50  - Erica, are you busy next Saturday?
- No, I’m not. Why?
- Would you like to come to a dinner party at my place?
- Sure, I'd love to. What can I bring?
- Oh, just bring something to drink. Come over around 7:30.
- Great. See you Saturday!


- Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday.
- Would you like to come to a party for her?
- Yes, I’d love to. When is it?
- It’s at 6:30 at our house.
- OK. Thanks! Oh, can I bring something?
- No, no. She doesn’t want gifts.
- Really? Maybe I can bring a birthday card.
- Well, yes. That’s OK.


- Do you have plans for July fourth?
- No, not yet.
- Good. Would you like to come to a barbecue at my house?
- Yeah, I’d love to. Thanks!
- Great! Oh, and can you bring some soda?
- Of course! No problem.

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