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Battle 1 

Listening and Reading (British)

Part 5

Весь материал взят из учебника Face2Face Elementary

46  My parents study Italian. My parents studied Italian.
They finished work at six. They finish work at six.
They stayed in on Saturday. They stay in on Saturday.
I live in London. I lived in London.
My parents work in Germany. My parents worked in Germany.
I visit him every week. I visited him every week.

47  E How was your weekend?
T Terrible. I was ill all weekend.
E Oh, dear. What was wrong?
T I had a really bad cold.
E What a shame. Are you OK now?
T Yes, much better, thanks. And how was your weekend?
E It was OK. I stayed at home on Saturday.
T Oh, right. What did you do?
E I did the washing, checked my emails, watched TV - you know, the usual. And then on Sunday I went to the cinema.
T Oh, nice. What did you see?
E It was called A Day in the Life.
T Oh, yes. What was it like?
E It was great. I really enjoyed it.
T Yeah, I’d like to see that. Oh, we’re late for the meeting. Let’s go!

48  S Hi. How are you?
R I’m very well, thanks. I went away for the weekend - to Spain!
S Wow! Where did you go?
R We went to Madrid. It was wonderful!
S Oh, great! Who did you go with?
R My friend, Ingrid.
S And where did you stay?
R We stayed with some friends from university.
S Oh, nice.
R What about you? How was your weekend?
S Oh, not very interesting. I worked all Sunday.
R Really? What did you do?
S I wrote that report you wanted. It took me 10 hours.
R You’re joking! When did you finish it?
S At 11 o’clock last night. Here it is.
R That’s great! Thanks, Simon.
S No problem.
R OK, let’s start this meeting. Where are Emily and Tim?
S Here they are.
T Hi there. Sorry we’re late. Emily wanted to get a coffee.
E Tim!

49  They didn’t like each other at first.
They didn’t finish their course.
They didn’t have any money.
They didn’t get the money for a month.
They didn’t have a bank account.

50  P Welcome to Book of the Day. Today we have the writer Wes Clark, talking about his new book, Planet Google. First of all, Wes, is it true? Did you really write this book in twelve weeks?
W Yes, I did. And I enjoyed writing it because Larry Page and Sergey Brin are really interesting people.
P OK - so, let’s start at the beginning. Where are they from?
W Well, Larry Page is American but Sergey Brin was born in Russia. His family went to live in the USA in 1979, when Sergey was six. But his mother wasn’t very happy about going to the USA.
P Did she want to stay in Russia?
W Yes, she did.
P So did Sergey’s parents find work in the USA?
W Yes, they did. Sergey’s father got a job at Maryland University. He was a mathematics teacher there.
P And what about Sergey? Did he study mathematics?
W Yes, he did. He studied mathematics and computer science at the same university.
P At the same university as his father?
W Yes, that’s right.
P Did Larry go to Maryland University?
W No, he didn’t. He went to Michigan State University. His mother and father were computer science teachers there.
P Really? So Larry was at the same university as his parents!
W Yes, that’s correct. And Larry’s family always had computers in their home. He was the first student in his school to do his homework on a computer.
P Right. And then Page and Brin went to Stanford University, and now, of course, they’re both very rich ...

51  I can’t find my mobile.
You can use my phone if you want.
A lot of people can’t understand it.
You can buy 3D TVs online.
I can’t turn off the TV!
Can you download TV programmes?

52  You can watch TV programmes online.
You can use my phone if you want.
I can’t find my mobile.
A lot of people can’t understand it.
You could only get three channels.
You couldn’t record TV programmes.
Can you watch TV online?
Yes, you can.
No, you can’t.
Could you record programmes in nineteen seventy-four?

53  Motorola launched the first mobile phone in 1983, but you could only use it in a car because it needed a big battery. A few years later you could buy a mobile that you could take to work - but it was in a suitcase!
In the early nineties you could buy a small mobile for $200, but you couldn’t send texts until 1995. The BlackBerry, launched in 1999, was one of the first phones you could use to go online. And you couldn’t buy a mobile with a camera in Europe until 2002.
These days most people can’t leave home without their mobile. You can use your phone to go online, make video calls and find your way with GPS. You can also download apps, watch TV programmes or play games. But a lot of people still can’t remember to charge their phone or turn it off in the cinema!

54  A It’s one o’clock and here’s George Lucan with the news.
N Over sixty people are in hospital after a train crash in Scotland this morning. The train was on its way to London but crashed only ten minutes after it left Edinburgh.
Fifty-three people died in storms in Florida last night. The storms damaged hundreds of homes and many people are without water and electricity.
Bill and Nancy Potter, who want to be the first eighty-ye'ar-old couple to sail round the world, are missing off the coast of Australia. Their family and friends became worried when the couple didn’t arrive in Sydney last weekend as planned. Helicopters are now looking for the couple and their boat.
And finally, supermarket manager Joe Hall won over thirteen million pounds in last night’s lottery - thanks to his dog! Joe told reporters today that his dog, Max, chose the numbers!
A That’s the news this Thursday lunchtime. And now over to Jan Adams for the travel news.

55  P I really enjoyed that burger.
C Yeah, the salad was good too.
P By the way, did you read about the winner of this week’s lottery?
C No. How much did he win?
P Over 13 million pounds.
C Really?
P Yeah, and guess what? His dog chose the numbers for him!
C You’re joking! How?
P He wrote 50 numbers on envelopes, put biscuits in them and put them around the house.
C Right.
P And then he used the numbers of the first six envelopes that the dog found. And now he’s a millionaire!
C That’s amazing!

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