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Battle 1 

Listening and Reading (British)


Part 1

Весь материал взят из учебника Face2Face Elementary

01  T Hello. What’s your name, please?

D My name’s Deniz Aslan.

T I’m Peter Adams. Welcome to the class.

D Thank you.

02 H Hello, my name’s Hassan.

O Hi, I’m Olga.

H Nice to meet you.

O You too.

03  M Hello. Sorry I’m late.

T No problem. What’s your first name?

M It’s Marcos.

T What’s your surname?

M Fuentes.

T How do you spell that?

M F-U-E-N-T-E-S.

T Welcome to the class, Marcos.

M Thank you.

04  C Hello, is this the English class?

T Yes, it is.

C Oh, good. Sorry I’m late!

T No problem. What’s your first name?

C Camille.

T How do you spell that?

C C-A-M-I-double L-E.

T And what’s your surname?

C It’s Laurent.

T And how do you spell that?

C L-A-U-R-E-N-T.

T Thanks, Camille. Welcome to the class.

05  B Hello, sorry I’m late.

T No problem. What’s your name?

B My name’s Bartek.

T How do you spell that, please?

B B-A-R-T-E-K.

T And what’s your surname?

B Kowalski.

T OK. And how do you spell that?

B K-O-W-A-L-S-K-I.

T Thanks. Welcome to the class, Bartek.

B Thank you.

06  L Hello, Tom.

T Hi, Lisa. How are you?

L I’m fine, thanks. And you?

T I’m OK, thanks.

07  P Bianca, this is Toshi.

B Hello, Toshi. Nice to meet you.

T You too.

08  R Good morning. What’s your name, please?

C It’s Carlos Moreno.

R And where are you from?

C I’m from Spain.

09  R What are your names, please?

D My name’s Daniel Ross and this is Kelly Easton.

R Where are you from?

D We’re from Australia.

R Welcome to the conference. You’re in room 6.

10  E Where’s he from?

D He’s from Italy.

E OK. And where’s she from?

D She’s from Brazil.

E Right. And where are they from?

D They’re from the UK, I think.

11   A What’s your phone number?

B Er ... wait a minute ... it’s 01221 960744.

A 01221 960744?

B Yes, that’s right.

12  A What’s Tina’s mobile number?

B It’s 07906 394896.

A 07906 ... er ...

B 394896.

13  A What’s the phone number of your hotel?

B It’s 0119 498 0691. I’m in room 302.

A OK, thanks.

14  A What’s your number in Australia?

B It’s 0061 02 9967 2315.

A So that’s 0061 ... 02 ...

B ... 9967 2315.

A OK. Thanks.

15  A Are you from New York?

B No, we aren’t from the USA. We’re from Canada.

A Oh, really? What do you do?

B I’m an engineer and Jane’s a doctor.

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