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Battle 1 

Listening and Reading (British)

Part 2

Весь материал взят из учебника Face2Face Elementary

16  A Who’s she?

B Her name’s Sally Andrews.

A Is she a musician?

B Yes, she is. But she isn’t famous.

17  A What do you do?

B I’m a police officer. And you?

A I’m an accountant.

B Are you from Mexico?

A No, I’m not. I’m from Colombia.

18  W Right, first I need some personal details. What’s your surname, please?
P It’s Whatling.
W And how do you spell that?
P W-H-A-T-L-I-N-G.
W OK, thanks. What’s your first name?
P Paul.
W And what’s your nationality?
P I’m British.
W OK. What’s your address?
P It’s 29 Elmore Road, Bristol.
W How do you spell Elmore?
P E-L-M-O-R-E.
W And what’s your postcode?
P BS13 6QT.
W I’m sorry?
P BS13 6QT.
W Great, thanks a lot. What’s your mobile number?
P 07969 831016.
W 07969...
P ... 831016.
W OK. And what’s your home number?
P It’s 0117 480 6544.
W Could you say that again, please?
P 0117 480 6544.
W Right. And the last question ... what’s your email address?
P It’s paul ninety-nine at webmail dot com.
W Could you repeat that, please?
P Yes, paul ninety-nine at webmail dot com.

19  a bag - bags
a wallet - wallets
a suitcase - suitcases
a watch - watches
a dress - dresses
a diary - diaries
a man - men
a woman - women
a child - children
a person - people
a tooth - teeth

20  A What things are important in my life? Well, I’ve got an old car. It isn’t very fast, but I love it. What else? Well, my mobile’s very important to me. It’s got all my friends’ phone numbers on it, my photos, music, everything! I haven’t got a laptop, but I’ve got an old computer. That’s important to me for school. And I’ve got a big TV in my room. That’s very important because I love football!

21  M What’s important to me? I’ve got this very expensive watch. It’s from Ben, my husband, and I love it. And my diary - that’s important to me too. Ben hasn’t got a diary, he’s got everything on his mobile these days. And my new bicycle is important to me because we haven’t got a car. What else? Well, we’ve got a beautiful cat, Lily. She’s very important!

22  I Hello. Have you got time to answer some questions? It’s a product survey about computers, cameras, TVs, that sort of thing.
M Yes, OK.
A Sure.
I Oh, good. Thanks. Right, first question. Have you got a laptop?
A No, I haven’t, but I’ve got an old computer.
I And you, madam? Have you got a laptop?
M Yes, I have, but it’s not very good.
I Thanks. Right, next question. Have you got a camera?
M Yes, I have.
I And what about you, sir? Have you got a camera?
A No, I haven’t. I take photos with my mobile.
I Right. And have you got an MP3 player?
M What’s an MP3 player?
A They’re for music. They’re very small.
M Oh, those things. No, I haven’t got one of those.
I And you, sir? Have you got an MP3 player?
A Yes, I have.
I Have you got a radio?
A No, I haven’t. I listen to the radio on my mobile.
I And you, madam?
M Yes, I have.
I Thanks. Right, the last question. Have you got a DVD player?
A Yes, I have. I watch a lot of DVDs.
I And you, madam? Have you got a DVD player?
M Yes, I have, but it’s very old.
I Right. Well, madam, we’ve got some very good DVD players at the moment...

23  P We’re a typical British family, I think. My husband’s name is Nick and we’ve got two children, a boy and a girl. Our son’s name is Robbie and Florence is our daughter - she’s just a baby. And my parents? Well, Ben is my father and Mary is my mother. I’ve got one brother, his name’s Greg, and one sister, Jill.

24  G My wife’s name is Martina and we’ve got one son, Alan. He’s nineteen years old now. I’ve got two sisters, Pam and Jill. Pam’s married with two kids and Jill’s divorced. My parents' names are Ben and Mary. They’ve got three children and three grandchildren, two grandsons, Alan and Robbie, and a granddaughter, Florence.

25  A My mum and dad’s names are Greg and Martina. I’ve got two aunts, Pam and Jill, and one uncle. His name’s Nick and he’s a doctor. I’ve also got two cousins, Robbie and Florence. My grandparents’ names are Ben - he’s my grandfather - and Mary, my grandmother.

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