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Battle 1 

Listening and Reading (American)

Part 6

Весь материал взят из учебника American English File Starter

51  - Tracy, look at this picture on my phone.
- Wow, that’s a famous movie star, right?
- Yeah. He was at the supermarket this afternoon.
- Too bad. I was at the gym this afternoon.
- I guess I’m lucky! He was very nice and friendly.


- How was your vacation?
- Terrible! First, we were at the airport for twelve hours!
- Oh, no.
- Our hotel was terrible too, and the beach wasn’t clean. The restaurant was bad, too.
- I’m sorry to hear that.
- Yeah. And the weather was cold and windy every day.


- Was James at school today?
- No, he wasn’t. And he wasn’t in school yesterday.
- Oh. Maybe he’s sick.
- But he was at the movie theater yesterday evening.
- Hmm. That’s strange...


- You weren’t at home last week. Where were you?
- I was in Paris.
- Paris! Wow. How was it?
- It was great. The food was good, and the views were beautiful.
- How long was your vacation?
- Oh, actually, I wasn’t there on vacation. I was there for work.

52  - Sam, how was Nepal?
- It was amazing. I was there for three months, and I changed a lot.
- Where did you live?
- I lived in the city with a host family. They were a mother and father and a son.
The son was the same age as me, so that was fun.
- What did you do there?
- I studied Nepali language. My classes started at eight o’clock every morning and finished at five in the afternoon. I also studied Nepali customs. I learned a lot of Nepali songs.
- That’s great. How did you travel to school?
- I traveled on foot. My host brother traveled by motorcycle, but I didn’t want to do that. The traffic was terrifying!
- Did you visit the mountains?
- Yes, I did. I walked in the mountains for a week. It was very hard work!
- How was the food?
- Well, the food was OK. It was very basic- rice and vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I really missed American pizza! Oh, but I tried a delicious drink called a lassi.
- What is that?
- Uh, it has fruit and yogurt in it, and it’s very delicious.

53   - Hello? Helena! I’m home!
- Hi, Steve. Did you have a good day?
- No, not really.
- Oh, no. Why not?
- Well, first, my train was late. We had an important meeting this morning, and wasn’t there.
- Oh, I’m sorry.
- How about you? How was your day?
- Very good. I had lunch with my boss at a nice restaurant.
- Really? That’s great.
- Yes, I had grilled fish. It was delicious.
- I didn’t have lunch. It was a very busy day and I finished work very late.
- I know. It’s eight-thirty.
- Sorry. I called to tell you. Did you get my message?
- Yes, I did. Thanks.
- Did you have dinner?
- Yes, I did. I cooked some chicken soup.
- Chicken soup? Mmm. I love chicken soup.
- I know. I cooked it for you. Have some!
- Thanks. My day isn’t so bad now.

54  - Good morning. This is the news. A burglar went downtown last night and took laptops, cameras, and a TV from a house. But he also made one big mistake, so today he is sitting in jail. The police say Paul White, age 26, went into a house on Fourth Street at about 11:00 last night.
He took two laptops, three expensive cameras, a TV, and a woman’s bag. The bag had about three-hundred dollars in it.
No one saw White go into the house or leave the house. But White didn’t have a car. He couldn’t walk home and carry all of the things he took, so he called a taxi. That was his big mistake. The taxi driver drove White to his house. Then he wrote down the address and called the police. The driver, Luis Rodriguez, told us his story:
- I knew he was a burglar. People don’t usually walk around with laptops and TVs at night. Also, he had three cameras in his bag, and it was a woman’s bag!
- After they took White to jail, policemen found more TVs, cameras, cell phones, laptops, and other things in the burglar’s house. Now, to sports. Tonight’s basketball game...

55  - When did you last go to a party?
- I last went to a party in August, before I left for school.
- What did you do there?
- At the party.. .it was a going away party, I said good bye to all of my friends.
- Did you bring anything?
- I brought food, and snacks, and games for the party.


- When did you last go to a party?
- I went to a soiree, which was really a party for a friend's birthday in July.
- What did you do there?
- I ate, I don’t drink, and I talked to a lot of people.
- Did you bring anything?
- Yes, I brought a beautiful plant.


- When did you last go to a party?
- About two weeks ago.
- What did you do there?
- I just listened and talked with people a little bit. That’s all.
- Did you bring anything?
- I brought some flowers.


- When did you last go to a party?
- I went to a party last week.
- What did you do there?
- I made new friends at the party.
- Did you bring anything?
- Yes, I brought a gift and a birthday card because it was someone’s birthday.

56  - I'm here with Dan Grec. He just drove from the Arctic Ocean in Alaska to the southern end of Argentina. Dan, how was your trip?
- It was amazing and fantastic. I had a great time.
- How long did it take?
- About two years. I drove over 65,000 kilometers and finally arrived in Ushuaia, Argentina. I visited Canada, the US, Mexico, and a lot of countries in Central and South America.
- Did you drive all the way?
- Almost. There isn’t a road from Panama to Colombia, so I took a boat.
- Did you learn Spanish?
- Yes, I did. My Spanish isn’t fantastic, but it’s pretty good now. I practiced every day.
- Did you camp?
- Yes, I camped on the side of the road to save money. I sometimes stayed in small hotels and took a shower. Also, local people invited me to stay in their homes. That was amazing.
- Did you have any problems?
- No, not really. The car didn’t have any big problems. My maps were terrible, so I sometimes got lost. But it was OK.
- Did you meet new friends?
- Yes, I met a lot of interesting people! I met two brothers, Seth and Parker. They rode their bicycles from Alaska to Argentina. I also met very friendly people in the mountains in Ecuador. I stayed in Ecuador for five months and worked in a hotel.
- What was your favorite place?
- I have so many favorite places! Alaska was beautiful. I saw icebergs there. I climbed volcanoes in Guatemala and Ecuador. In Chile, I saw llamas and penguins together. That was great.
- How was the food on your trip?
- Great. I loved the spicy tacos in Mexico and the steak in Argentina. I tried llama in Bolivia and thought it was OK.
- Do you have plans for your next trip?
- Yes, I’m going to travel across Africa. I’m planning that trip now.
- Are you going to write about it on your blog?
- Yes, of course.

57 - Are you going to do anything exciting next year?
- Yes, I am. My wife and I are going to ride our bikes across Canada.
- Wow! How far is that?
- It’s about four thousand miles.
- Really? How long is it going to take?
- I’m not sure. It’s going to take about six months, probably.


- Are you going to go anywhere this summer?
- No, I’m not.
- That’s too bad. You aren’t going to take a vacation.
- Well, I am going to take a vacation, but I’m not going to travel.
- Oh, I see. What are you going to do?
- I’m going to take an art class in the city.
- Really? I didn’t know you like art.
- Well, I do. I love art and I want to be a painter. I’m going to have art class every day from nine to three, and after that we’re going to go to the museum and study paintings.
- Wow, that’s great.
- Yeah. I usually go to the beach, but that isn’t very exciting.


- Hey, Jessica, how are you?
- OK. Well, I have a problem.
- Really? What is it?
- My boyfriend’s going to work in China for two years.
- Two years? That’s a long time.
- I know. And China is very far from Chicago. I’m going to miss him a lot.
- Are you going to visit him?
- I don’t know. I can’t speak Chinese, and plane tickets are expensive.
- Well, China is cool. I was there last year. Go visit him. You’re going to have a great time.
- Yeah. You’re right. I’m going to go. Maybe next year.


- The party is going to start at 7:30 tomorrow night. Is everything ready?
- Yes. I’m going to make the cake tonight.
- Great. And I’m going to buy Joe’s present tomorrow morning.
- OK. Are you going to buy the red hat or the blue hat?
- Hat? Joe doesn’t want a hat. We’re going to buy a camera for him.
- We are?
- Yes. Did you get my email?
- Sorry, I didn’t. Uh, is the camera going to be expensive?
- No, it isn’t. Don’t worry.
- Oh, good.
- Are you going to get a card?
- Yes, I’m going to get the card.
- Thanks. I’m going to get soda and potato chips and things.
- Great. See you tomorrow!

58  - Carrie Gold. You’re a very famous star now. Are you enjoying it?
- Yes, I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s great. I’m wearing these beautiful clothes, and people are taking my picture. It’s great. I’m having a great time.


- What did you do before you were famous?
- Oh, a lot of things. I was an assistant in an office. I was an English teacher. Oh, and I was a waitress. I worked in a cafe and made cappuccinos. I had a good time there.


- Your parents are English teachers. Were you a good student?
- No, I wasn’t. I liked my classes and my teachers, but I didn’t study hard. I feel bad about it now. Actually, after my next movie I’m going to take college classes.
- Really? What are you going to study?
- I’m going to study English and art. I really like art, but I’m not very good at it. I’m also going to take a Spanish class. Hola! Como estas?


- You have a new boyfriend. Are you going to get married soon?
- No, I’m not. I’m going to get married and have children one day, but I’m not going to get married this year-or next year.
- One more question. Your fans want to know this. What are you wearing right now?
- I’m wearing a beautiful red dress by Oscar Saatchi. Oh, and I’m wearing some Italian shoes by Enzo Pisa.

59  - Hello?
- Hello! Is this Jerry Harte?
- Yes, this is Jerry.
- This is Peter Douglas from the show Trading Vacations.
- Oh, hello!
- Is your vacation planned for next week, Jerry?
- Yes, it is.
- Where are you going to go?
- We’re going to go to Norway.
- Who are you going to go with?
- With Sue, my girlfriend.
- How are you going to get there?
- By plane.
- What are you going to do there?
- We’re going to clean a river and plant some trees. It’s a working vacation!
- Oh, very interesting. Where are you going to stay?
- We’re going to stay at a campsite.
- Well, Jerry, you're not going to go camping because you’re not going to go to Norway. We’re going to change your vacation!
- Oh, so where are we going to go?

60  P Well, here we are at the airport with Lisa and Jon and Jerry and Sue. And this is the moment of truth. I have two envelopes here, and now I’m going to give the two couples their new vacation plans! Are you ready to play Trading Vacations?
P OK, so now you can open the envelopes. Jon and Lisa first.
J A working vacation in Norway.
L Oh no!
P Oh yes! You’re going to help clean a river and plant some trees.
J Oh great. Working all day!
L Where are we going to stay?
P You’re going to stay at a campsite!
L A campsite? Oh no, I hate camping!
P And now Sue and Jerry.
S Oh! A week in Tokyo.
J Tokyo?!
P That’s right. You’re going to spend a week in Tokyo, shopping, going out, and seeing the sights! Do you like shopping, Jerry?
J Not much.
S What are we going to wear? We don’t have the right clothes for Tokyo.

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