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Battle 1 

Listening and Reading (British)

Part 3

Весь материал взят из учебника Face2Face Elementary

26  J Luke, come and look at these photos of my family.
J Right... This is my sister, Pam, and her husband, Nick.
L Pam’s an English teacher, isn’t she?
J Yes, that’s right.
L What about Nick?
J He’s a doctor.
L Oh, right. How many children have they got?
J Two. A boy and a girl. Look, here’s a photo of them.
L Hmm. How old are they?
J Er, Robbie is six and Florence is about ten months old.
L They’re beautiful.
J Yes, they are. And this is my brother, Greg. He’s an engineer.
L And who’s that?
J That’s Greg’s wife, Martina. She’s from Italy. Oh, and that’s their son, Alan.
L How old is he?
J Alan - he’s nineteen. He’s a student at Cambridge University.
L Really?
J Yes, he loves it there. And these are my parents. They’re retired now.
L How old are they?
J Mum’s seventy and Dad’s seventy-three. And that’s Lily, my favourite member of the family.
L Sorry, where?
J There.
L Oh, the cat!
J Yes, she’s beautiful!

27  A What time is it?
B It’s one o’clock.

A What’s the time, please?
B It’s about half past seven.

A Excuse me, have you got the time, please?
B Yes, it’s four fifteen.
A Thanks a lot.

28  Thank you for calling Brent Gallery. We’re open Mondays to Fridays from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. The exhibition now showing is Mexican Art.
Ticket prices are £9.50 for adults and £6.50 for children. For more information about the exhibition go to our website at

29  Welcome to the FilmWorld information and booking line. Here are the films showing at this cinema from Friday June the 10th to Thursday June the 16th. A New Day, certificate 12, showing at 4.40, 7.00 and 9.20. The Brothers, certificate 15, showing at 5.00, 7.15 and 9.30.  Ticket prices are £11.50 for adults and £8.25 for children under 16. To book tickets please press 1 or go to our website at

30  J Mum?
A Yes, Josh?
J Can I have some popcorn?
A Yes, OK. Here’s some money.
J And can I have a Coke?
A Yes, OK. But hurry up.
L Have you got any money, Chris? If not, I’ve got my credit card.
C No, it’s OK. I’ve got some money.
... Hi. Can I have two tickets for The Brothers, please?
T Yes, of course.
C How much is that?
T That’s £23, please.
C Here you are.
T Thanks.
L What time is the film?
T It starts at seven fifteen. Here are your tickets. You’re in screen 2.
C Thanks a lot.
T You’re welcome. Enjoy the film.
L We’ve got 20 minutes before the film starts.
C OK, let’s have a drink first.
L Good idea.


A Hello. Can I have two tickets for A New Day, please? One adult and one child.
T Yes, of course.
A How much are the tickets?
T £11.50 for adults and £8.25 for children. So that’s £19.75, please.
A Here you are. What time’s the film?
T It starts in two minutes. Here are your tickets. You’re in screen 1.
A Thank you very much.
T You’re welcome. Enjoy the film.
A Thanks. Bye. ... Hurry up, Josh. The film starts in two minutes.

31  N Pam, where’s my suitcase?
P Here it is, behind the sofa.
N And have you got my keys?
P No, Nick, of course I haven’t. They’re on the desk. By the computer.
N OK, thanks. And where’s my mobile?
P Oh, I don’t know. Look, there it is, under my coat. There, on the sofa!
N Thanks.
R Mum, where are my new shoes?
P They’re under the chair by the window.
R And where’s my bag?
P Oh, Robbie. It’s by the door. Where it always is.
R Thanks, Mum.
N Right. Are you ready, Robbie?
R Yes.
P Have you got your school books?
R Yes, they’re in my bag. Look.
N Oh no! Where’s my passport?
P It’s on the table by the window. In front of the plant.
N Oh yes, thanks.
P Bye, love. See you on Sunday.
N Bye.
P Right... hmm ... where’s the baby?

32  F Hello, Jeanette!
J Oh, hello ... er ...
F Freddie. Freddie Roberts.
J You don’t work in this office, do you?
F No, I work in the King Street office.
J Oh ... er... yes, of course.
F Good party, isn’t it?
J Yes, very nice.
F Er, Jeanette. Do you go out after work? On Fridays, maybe?
J No, I don’t, sorry. I’m always very tired so I just go home.
F Right. What do you do in the evenings?
J I have dinner and watch TV.
F Do you go to the cinema?
J No, I don’t. But I watch a lot of DVDs.
F Yes, me too. What do you do at the weekends?
J Well, on Saturday morning I go shopping. And I don’t go out on Saturday evening. I stay in and watch TV.
F Right.
J And on Sunday afternoon I visit my parents.
F Oh, OK. Do you go to concerts?
J Yes, I do. You know, when I have time.
F Well, um ... I’ve got two tickets for a concert on Sunday evening. Do you want to come with me?
J Er ... thanks, Freddie, but there’s a problem - well, 3 problems, actually.
F Oh?
J I’m married! And I’ve got two children!
F Oh ... well, no problem. Oh look, there’s Catherine. Er, I’ve got something I want to ask her. Excuse me.
J Really!

33   A Do you go out a lot in the week?
B Yes, we do.

A Do you visit your parents at the weekend?
B Yes, I do.

A Do you go to concerts at the weekend?
B No, we don’t.

A Do you go shopping on Saturdays?
B Yes, I do.

A Do your parents go out on Saturday evenings?
B No, they don’t. They stay in and watch TV.

34  A What day is it today?
B It’s Wednesday.

A What’s the date today?
B It’s the fifth of March.

A What’s the date tomorrow?
B It’s March the sixth.

A When’s your birthday?
B It’s on June the third.

35  A When do you start your English course?
B On September the fifth.

A When’s your birthday, Sam?
B It’s on the thirteenth of December.
A Oh, that’s on Tuesday!

A When’s Mother’s Day?
B It’s on the fourteenth of March.
A Oh, that’s next week.

A When do you start your new job?
B On the second of July.

A Excuse me. What’s the date today?
B It’s October the thirtieth.
A Thanks a lot.

A When’s Matt and Sarah’s wedding anniversary?
B I think it’s the first of February.
A Oh, no! That’s today!

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