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Battle 1 

Listening and Reading (British)

Part 4

Весь материал взят из учебника Face2Face Elementary

36  L Here’s your tea.
C Thanks a lot.
L Chris?
C Yes?
L What’s the date today?
C It’s the twenty-ninth. Why do you ask?
L It’s Sophie’s birthday on Thursday.
C Is it?
L Yes, and I haven’t got a present for her.
C Oh. Have you got a card?
L Yes, I have.
C Oh, well. That’s OK, then.
L But I want to get her a present too. She’s one of our best friends.
C OK then. Let’s get her a present.
L Right. What shall we get her?
C Oh, I don’t know. What about an MP3 player?
L No, I don’t think so. I think she’s got one.
C OK then. Why don’t we get her a book?
L Maybe. But she’s got lots of books.
C Hmm. This is difficult, isn’t it?
L Yes, it is.
C I know! Let’s get her a DVD.
L Yes, that’s a good idea. Sophie and Marcus watch a lot of DVDs.
C And I think they’ve got a new TV.
L OK. Which DVD shall we get?
C Let’s get her a film. Then we can watch it first!
L Chris!

37  J Dominic, do you think I’m a happy person in the morning?
D Yes, sometimes. Why do you ask?
J It’s this questionnaire. ‘Are you an early bird or a night owl?’. I’m sometimes happy in the morning, but I don’t have a lot of energy ... so that’s B.
D What are the other questions?
J Here, come and have a look. Question two, well, that’s easy. I hardly ever get up before nine at the weekend.
D Yes, that’s true.
J The next question is about parties.
D Oh, that’s easy. When we go to a party, you never stay to the end.
J Yes, that’s true, I always leave early, don’t I? OK, question four. Yes, I often watch films late at night.
D But you never see the end!
J Yes, you’re right. So that’s C.
D What about question five? When do you see friends at the weekend?
J Well, I usually see friends in the afternoon. Right, the last question.
D Ah, this is a good one.
J Yes, I’m always happy to talk to friends when they phone before eight in the morning.
D What? That’s not true! I always answer the phone.
J Yes, you answer the phone, then I talk to my friends. So, it’s A. Right, what’s my score?
D OK, your score is ... um ...

38  P Hi, Lorna. How are you?
L I’m fine. But how are you? You’re here and your husband’s in Chile!
P Oh, I’m fine. And Trevor’s back next month. He’s got four weeks’ holiday.
L So how is he?
P Well, he’s very happy there. The job’s great and the hotel’s very good. And all of the people are nice. But he doesn’t like the weather. It’s hot and it hardly ever rains.
L What does he do in his free time?
P Well, you know Trevor. He doesn’t read a lot, but he plays video games of course!
L Oh right.
P And he loves sport, so he watches a lot of sport on TV. They’ve also got a cinema there, so he sees a lot of new films.
L Oh, that’s good.
P Yes, and he’s got a very good camera, so he takes a lot of photos.
L But he’s usually very active - does he do any sport?
P Oh, yes. He plays a lot of tennis. In fact, he has tennis lessons every week. And he goes to the gym every day. He says the gym at the hotel’s great. And he goes swimming a lot. But he doesn’t go running because it’s hot in the day!
L What about running in the evening? It isn’t hot then.
P No, he can’t. He starts work in the evening! He studies the stars, remember?
L Of course! Do you talk to him very often?
P No, the time difference is a problem. But we email every day and he sends me lots of photos. Here’s one I got this morning...

39  Hello and welcome to First Date! Tonight you choose a date for Mark Skipper. Mark is 28 years old and he’s a teacher. In his free time he watches TV and plays video games. He also goes to the cinema a lot and he plays football and tennis every weekend. He loves rock music and Chinese food, but he hates shopping for clothes! He also likes animals - he’s got a dog and three cats. So, Mark - who do you want to ask about first?

40  C This is a nice place.
P Yes, it is, isn’t it? I hear the burgers are very good here.
C Hmm. The salads look good too. Oh, it’s difficult to decide ... Yes, the chicken salad, I think.
W Would you like to order now?
C Yes, I’d like the chicken salad, please.
P Can I have the cheeseburger and chips, please?
W What would you like to drink?
C We’d like a bottle of mineral water, please.
W Still or sparkling?
C Sparkling, please.


W Would you like anything else?
P No, that’s all, thanks.
W Would you like a dessert?
C Yes, I’d like the fruit salad, please.
P And can I have the apple pie with cream?
W Certainly.


W Would you like tea or coffee?
C Not for me, thank you.
P No, thank you. Can we have the bill, please?
W Yes, of course.
P No, don’t worry, Clare. Let me pay for this.
C Are you sure?
P Yes, of course.
C OK. Here’s a tip.

41  C Morning, Dylan. Good weekend?
D Yes, thank you. And you?
C Yes, thanks. So, what new nationalities have we got in school this week?
D New nationalities? Er, we’ve got Japanese, er, French and Turkish.
C OK. Let’s write the new breakfast menus.
D Yes, chef. So what do the Japanese have?
C Well, they usually have rice and fish and soup, and they drink green tea.
D Rice ... fish ... soup and ... green tea. OK. And the French?
C They have a croissant or toast and jam. Oh and they usually have coffee with milk.
D Croissant... toast ... jam ... coffee.
Well, that’s easy. And what about the Turkish students? What do they have for breakfast?
C Well, they usually have big breakfasts. They have bread, cheese, eggs, olives and tomatoes.
D Wow! That’s a lot! And to drink?
C They usually drink tea.
D OK. So that’s bread, cheese, eggs, olives, tomatoes and tea.
C That’s right. OK, Dylan, it’s time to start cooking.
D Actually, it’s time for my coffee break!

42  I live in Bristol with my parents and my sister.
It was my thirteenth birthday yesterday and there was a big party at our house. About thirty people were here, and we were lucky because it was a very hot day. I was happy because my granddad was here from Liverpool. There were only two things wrong. My best friend Robert wasn’t here because he was ill. And my two brothers weren’t here because they’re in the USA. But it was a fantastic party!

43  J Granddad, when were you born?
A I was born in 1953.
J So you were thirteen in ... 1966.
A Yes, that’s right.
J And where were you on your thirteenth birthday?
A I was in Liverpool with my parents. Oh, I remember that birthday party very well. It was 30th July 1966, the day England won the World Cup.
J Really? Wow!
A Yes, the match was in the afternoon and my party was in the evening.
J That’s amazing! Where was the party?
A It was at my parents’ house - and in the street!
J Was it a big party?
A Yes, it was. All my friends were there and lots of my parents’ friends were there too. There was music and food and dancing in the street - it was a very happy evening!
J It sounds like a great party. Was the food good?
A Yes, there were lots of sandwiches and chicken and ice cream, and a birthday cake with a big football on it.
J Were your grandparents there?
A No, they weren’t. They were in London at the World Cup Final!

44  I was in Liverpool with my parents.
All my friends were there.
Our house wasn’t very big.
My brothers weren’t there.
Where was the party?
Where were his grandparents?
Were his friends there?
Yes, they were.
No, they weren’t.
Was the food good?
Yes, it was.
No, it wasn’t.
When were you born?
I was born in nineteen fifty-three.
Where was Matt born?
He was born in Liverpool.

45  James Cameron was born in Ontario, Canada, on August 16, a 1954. His family moved to the USA in 1971 James went to California State University and studied physics and English.
He left university after only two years because he wanted to become a film director. He worked as a bus driver in the day and wrote film scripts at night. James’s first job as a director was on a film called Piranha 2. One night after filming he had a bad dream about a robot from the future. The next day James started writing the script of The Terminator. The film was very successful and Cameron became famous all around the world.
He then made Aliens in 1986, Terminator 2 in 1991 and Titanic in 1997. At that time James loved diving, and he visited the Titanic twelve times before he started making the film. Titanic made $2 billion and won eleven Oscars. His next film was the first Avatar movie in 2009, which he made in 3D.
James met Linda Hamilton - Sarah Connor in the Terminator films - in 1984 and she became his fourth wife in 1997.
They had one daughter, but they got divorced in 1999. A year later he married actress Suzy Amis, who was in Titanic. They have two daughters and a son.

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