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Battle 1 

Listening and Reading (British)

Part 6

Весь материал взят из учебника Face2Face Elementary

56  W Did you hear about that train crash?
A No, where was it?
W Somewhere near Edinburgh.
A Oh, dear.
W Yes. Over sixty people are in hospital.
A Oh no, that’s terrible.
W Yes, I know.
J Mum, Dad, can we talk about the holiday now?
W Yes, OK. Let’s have a look ...

57  T Here’s your coffee.
E Thanks a lot.
T You have family in the USA, don’t you?
E Yes, why?
T Did you hear about the storms in Florida?
E Yes, isn’t it awful? I saw it on the news this morning.
T Is your family OK?
E Yes, they’re fine. They don’t live in Florida. They live near Washington.
T Oh, right. Oh, we’re late for a meeting again!
E Come on, let’s go.

58  C Did you read about the eighty- year-old couple and their boat?
L No, what happened?
C Their boat was damaged in a storm and they were missing for two days.
L Oh, dear. Are they OK?
C Yes. A helicopter found them yesterday off the coast of Australia.
L Oh, that’s good.
C Maybe we can sail around the world when we’re eighty.
L You’re joking, I hope.
C Yes, of course.

59  Tonight’s programme looks at the work of Shigeru Miyamoto, the world-famous video game designer. Shigeru was born in Kyoto, Japan, on November 16th 1952. He studied art at Kanazawa College of Art from 1970 to 1975. Between 1998 and 2010 he won awards for his work in the USA, the UK, France and Spain. But Shigeru lives a very ordinary life. He’s married with two children and he usually goes to work by bike. In his free time he plays the guitar and he writes music. He once said, “They say video games are bad for you. But that’s what they said about rock ’n’ roll.” Shigeru designed the first Mario Brothers game in 1983 and he says Mario is his favourite video game character. Shigeru was the first video game designer to tell a story in his video games.
All Mario Brothers video games have a hero, a princess and a villain ...

60  J Where were you born, Clive?
C I was born in a small town called Burford, near Oxford.
J How long did you live there?
C We lived there for 12 years and then we moved to London. But my grandparents still live in Burford.
J What’s it like?
C Oh, it’s really nice. There are lots of beautiful old buildings and interesting shops. There isn’t a station, but there’s one at Charlbury, about five miles away.
J Are there any good pubs in Burford?
C Yes, there are. In the town centre there are four or five really nice pubs and all of them have fantastic food.
J So when did you last go there?
C About six months ago. I was at my grandparents’ house for New Year.
J Oh, nice.

61  V Hi, James. Did you have a good weekend?
J Yes, it was OK, thanks. I stayed at home all weekend. What about you?
V I went to visit my brother in Ireland.
J Really? Where does he live?
V In a small village called Eyeries. It’s about two hours from Cork airport.
J Oh, right. What’s it like?
V Well, there’s only one road, and all of the houses are different colours!
J Really? It sounds lovely.
V Yes, it is. There are lots of beautiful beaches nearby and it’s a good place to go for walks.
J Is there a hotel?
V No, there isn’t. And there aren’t any restaurants. But there are two bars and a couple of shops.
J Oh, OK.
V If you want to go there one day, I’m sure you can stay with my brother.
J Oh, thanks a lot.

62  B Hi, Aunt Alice. Happy birthday!
A Hello, Brian. You remembered!
B Of course. I couldn’t forget my favourite aunt’s birthday!
A Oh, thank you. And how are things with you? Do you like living in Brisbane?
B Yes, I love it here. There are lots of things to do and the people are very friendly.
A And how’s your new flat?
B It’s great. There’s a nice beach about five minutes away and there are lots of bars and restaurants. It’s a great place to go out at night.
A Oh, that’s nice, dear. I’m pleased that you’re happy there.
B Yes, I am. And how’s Uncle Thomas?
A Oh, he’s very well, thanks...

63   E Hello. Can I help you?
J Hi, I’m John, and this is my wife, Becky.
B Hello.
E Nice to meet you.
J You too. We’d like some information about the flat in Park Road, please. We saw it on your website.
E Of course. What would you like to know?
J Er, firstly, is there any furniture?
E Yes, there are some chairs, a sofa, beds - it’s fully furnished. But, er, there isn’t a TV.
J Oh, that’s OK. And the bedrooms - are they big?
E Er, well, one bedroom’s very big, but the other is, er, quite small. It’s fine for a child.
B That’s OK. But we haven’t got any children.
E Right. Well, there’s a lot of space for two people.
J Hmm. And the bathroom. Has it got a shower?
E Yes, there’s a shower and a bath. It’s very nice.
J OK. Is there anything else, Becky?
B Yes, what’s in the kitchen?
E There’s a cooker, a fridge and a washing machine. And I think there are some chairs and a table.
B Right. And are there any shops near the flat?
E Yes, there are some shops only 5 minutes away. And it’s near the station.
J That’s not bad for £800 a month.
B Yes, maybe.
E It is a beautiful flat. Would you like to see it?
J Er, yes I think so, don’t you?
B Yes, definitely.
E Great! What about, er, today at 3 o’clock?
J Yes, 3 o’clock is fine. Can we meet at the flat?

64  B Hi. I’m at the supermarket. Have we got any bread?
J Yes, we’ve got some bread, but we haven’t got any butter.
B OK. So we need some butter. Is there any milk?
J No, there isn’t. And we need some meat and some eggs.
B Right. Have we got any fruit?
J We’ve got a big bag of oranges, but we haven’t got any apples.
B OK, I’ll get some more fruit. And some cheese.
J And can you get a big bottle of water too?
B Yes, OK. See you later. Bye.

65  S Hi. Can I help you?
P Yes, please. Have you got any guide books for London?
S Yes, they’re over there.
P Oh yes, I see. Thanks. ... I’ll have this one, please. How much is this map?
S This one is ... £5.95.
P OK, I’ll have the map too.
S Sure. ...
P And can I have four stamps for Europe, please?
S I’m sorry, we don’t sell stamps for Europe.
P No problem.
S Anything else?
P No, that’s all, thanks.
S Right, that’s £19.45, please.
P Here you are.
S Would you like a bag?
P No, thanks. I’ve got one.
S OK. Here’s your change and your receipt.
P Thank you.
S Have a nice day.
P You too. Bye.
S Bye.

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