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Battle 1 

Listening and Reading (British)

Part 7

Весь материал взят из учебника Face2Face Elementary

66  S Do you need any help?
C Oh, yes, please. How much are these lamps?
S The big ones are £25 and the small ones are £17.50.
C Um, OK. I’ll have this one, please.
S Of course. Would you like anything else?

C Yes, do you sell suitcases?
S Yes, we do. They’re on the second floor.
C OK. I’ll buy this first.
S Right. ... Right, that’s £17.50, please.
C Thanks.
S ... Your PIN number, please. ... OK. Here you are. Your receipt’s in the bag.
C Great. Thanks for your help. Bye.
S Goodbye.

67  F Janet? It’s Frank.
J Frank! Where are you?
F I’m at the station. The train was late. I’m waiting for a taxi.
J But we’ve got that meeting with the Tamada brothers at 10 o’clock!
F Yes, I know. Are they there yet?
I Yes, they’re sitting in your office.
F Oh no!
J And they aren’t looking very happy.
F Hold on ... here’s a taxi. Start the meeting without me, but take notes. Oh, and Janet?
J Yes?
F Remember - this isn’t your contract. It’s my contract!
J Of course it is, Frank ... bye! Liz?
L Yes?
J Where’s Adriana?
L Oh, she’s working at home today.
J Oh, dear. I need someone to take notes at the Tamada meeting.
L I’m not doing anything important at the moment. Do you want me to do it?
J Actually, I want you to finish those reports.
L Well, Danny isn’t doing anything. I can ask him.
J OK, thanks.

68  L Danny, are you busy?
D Well, er, I’m writing a letter.
L Can you take notes at the meeting, please?
D Why me? Look, Bob is reading the newspaper. Ask him.
L He isn’t reading the newspaper. He’s studying the business pages.
D Well, I’m waiting for a phone call from New York.
L They’re not working in New York now, Danny. It’s 5.00 a.m. there!
D OK, OK, I’m going now. Which room?

69  F Hello, Liz, it’s Frank.
L Hi, Frank. Where are you calling from?
F I’m in a taxi. There was an accident or something. We’re not moving.
L Oh, dear.
F Look, Janet isn’t answering her phone. What’s she doing?
L She’s talking to the Tamada brothers. And Danny’s taking notes.
F Oh, right. Where are they having the meeting?
L Er ... in Janet’s office.
F In Janet's office? Oh no! Liz, please go and tell Janet not to sign that contract.
L OK, Frank. See you soon. And hurry up!

70  F Hi, Liz. Are they still in Janet’s office?
L Yes, they are. Good luck!
F Right... Hello, everybody. Sorry I’m late.
J Er, hello, Frank. Mr Tamada and I are just signing the contract.
F No, you’re not, Janet. I’m signing the contract.
J OK, Frank. It’s all yours.
F I’m so sorry I wasn’t here when you arrived. There was an accident and I...

71  F Hi! It’s me.
K Hello, love. Are you working late this evening?
F No, I’m having a drink with Liz. I signed the Tamada contract today.
K Oh, that’s fantastic! Are you having a nice time?
F Yes, thanks. What are you doing?
K I’m making dinner.
F Are the kids doing their homework?
K Er ... no, they’re not.
F What are they doing?
K They’re watching TV.

72  P And with all this snow, let’s go over to Jan Adams in the centre of London for this morning’s traffic news.
J Well, people aren’t very happy here in the city – there aren’t any trains, traffic isn’t moving and there are problems on the tube and the buses. Excuse me, sir, are you on your way to work?
M1 Yes, I am. I usually go by train, but I’m taking the bus today and I’m very late.
J What time do you usually start work?
F I start at eight. And it’s eight thirty now. And I’m still waiting for a bus! Why can’t they do something about the roads?
J Thank you, sir. Excuse me, madam, are you going to work?
W Yes, I am.
J And do you always walk to work?
W No, I usually cycle, but I’m walking today because the roads are so bad.
J So how long is your journey to work on a normal day?
W About twenty minutes.
J OK. And how long is it taking today?
W Well, I left home at half past seven, that’s about an hour ago.
J Well, good luck. Excuse me, sir, are you on your way to work?
M2 Yes, I am.
J And how do you usually travel to work?
S When I’m working in London, I usually take the tube.
J Right. And how are you getting to work today?
S Well, today I’m walking because of the snow.
J And where’re you from?
S I’m from Canada.
J Oh, so you know all about snow.
S Yes It snows a lot in Canada every winter. And we never have these problems! Why isn’t anyone doing anything about the roads?
J Thank you. Well as you can hear, everyone’s asking the same question today - why can’t they do something about the roads?
P Thanks, Jan. That was Jan Adams reporting from the centre of London.

73   I’m an accountant and I work for a bank. I usually work in the city, but today I ‘m working at home because of the snow. At the moment I’m sitting in the kitchen and I’m writing emails on my laptop. I don’t work at home very often, so I’m happy it’s snowing today!

74  On Mondays we usually drive to Wimbledon and visit some friends. But we’re staying at home today because of the snow. At the moment my husband, Lenny, is answering his emails and I’m watching the news. Normally, I don’t watch TV in the day, but I want to know about the weather.

75  What does Maddy do?
Is she working in the city today?
What is she doing at the moment? 
Does she work at home very often?
What do Lenny and Eve usually do on Mondays? 
What are they doing today?
Does Eve normally watch TV in the day?
Why is she watching it today?

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